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{June 16, 2009}   The secret of Lululemon revealed
By Leonard Stern 06-11-2009

Yes, this recession has been painful, what with all the disappearing jobs, lost savings and foreclosed homes. But maybe it was all worth it, because it’s forced Lululemon to reduce its prices. You can read about it here.

Lululemon is the high-end manufacturer of yoga gear, though as many people have observed, most women who wear the stuff don’t do yoga. In certain Ottawa neighbourhoods, Lululemon is becoming a quasi-official uniform for the trendy mommy crowd. Once on an early Saturday morning  I happened to be walking by the Lululemon store in Westboro and the women were lined up outside, waiting for the doors to open. So far as I could tell there was no special sale or promotion. They just wanted to buy Lululemon, I guess.

A woman I know who owns one or two Lululemon items finally divulged the company’s secret: The tightfitting, stretchy clothes make women look good, because no matter how doughy you are, the yoga gear creates the illusion of perfect muscle tone. Firms and smooths everything up, apparently. The equivalent for a man would be a batman suit that comes with built-in biceps and pecs.

I suppose Lululemon deserves credit for beautifying the landscape, but there’s a bit of irony here. A company that promotes a progressive, pro-women image has basically re-introduced the girdle.


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