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{June 7, 2009}   Nutrition and Wellness
Lisa Bernstein ( wearing Margarita Wear

Lisa Bernstein ( wearing Margarita Wear

To get your body in the best possible shape for yoga, you’ll have to pay attention to your nutrition.  Once you have your body in top form, Margarita Wear will make you look your absolute best.  It is now available at  If you live in Toronto, you can stop by to shop.

Nutrition & Wellness: Fitness Tip:

Set yourself up for success…
Start with easy activities that you will enjoy, like walking. Try walking once a week, before you know it, you will be going twice a week, maybe even three times and bringing a loved one, friend or neighbor with you. Putting your shoes on, is the first step in the right direction.

Nutrition Tip:

Before reaching for that salty snack in the cuboard, try reaching for those fresh carrots and celery that are cut up, or a ripe juicy apple.
Try to make sure that you are hydrated during the day. If you’re bored with the plain water thing… try a tall glass with ice, cold water, lemon juice and splenda, tastes just like lemond aid, very refreshing.

Keep fit, stay focused, keep going!!!


Love the tip. Great looking blog 😀

Blue Skies,
Crave2Live Nutrition

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